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Sokrates and Platon

Socrates' importance as a historical figure, as well as, as the central character in Plato's philosophical works, defines the only epistomology(method of investigating knowledge in human thinking) which functions as a basis for truth seeking.  The use of the Socratic method of investigation, for both teaching and learning is the unique pathway by which people can achieve deeper insight into human affairs and the underlying principles of the nature of the universe.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, American author and poet, is generally known today, for the so-called 'horror stories' or stories of the gruesome and bizarre. He is also generally maligned as a drunkard, having died a mysterious death, related to drug and/or alcohol problems. Although, he is often referred to as genius, this term is clouded in a vail of darkness and intrigue.  The combination of the strange and unknown, which are said to characterize his works, is often perceived as something more dangerous and undesirable, as opposed to something good and admirable.

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Dante Aligheri's(1265-1321) momumental work The Divine Comedy, is one of the the greatest creative works in human history.  It is also, in my view, the first truly competent scientific presentation of the inner psychological working of the human mind.  The dilema of modern human psychology is certainly, partly to be found, in its utter failure in grasping teh significance of Dante's work, in finding solutions to tadays psychological problems and failures. It is perhaps the best presentation of the absolute distinction between human beings and animals, ever written.  

If our society remains in darkness, respecting the significance of Dante's discovery,we will not be able to meet the challenges of creative insight that are so vital to our future.


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